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 GBC Grim Reaper Review

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PostSubject: GBC Grim Reaper Review   GBC Grim Reaper Review EmptyWed Aug 18, 2010 9:04 am

Well as some of you know I went with Grim Reapers on the Ranger rather than my normal Big Horns and I though I would share my thoughts on them after ~350 miles.

As far as ride, I can not tell a difference. They seem to ride well even with me using 14 lbs of air in each.

Mud, they seem to do as good maybe a slight edge over the Big Horns but it is really to close to call.

Rock climbing, same as above.

Off camber, it seems the Grim Reapers have a better grip and do not slide as much as my Big Horns did so I give that one to them.

I have been on many rocky trails and just like my Big Horns, I have had no problems with rocks poking holes in them as the side walls seem very strong.

I have had one major problem with them. I purchased the 25x8x12 fronts and 25x10x12 rears. The rear tires have been great. The front tires both have now been replaced because the bead split. As you can see in the pic, there is a toothpick sticking in the split and there are no issues with the rim. I replaced the first one at cost but now the other original front tire has done the same and they sent me another under warranty and asked for both tires to be returned to them for inspection. The first replacement has been holding up so time will tell. I will tell you this, even when flat, the tire's 8 ply sidewall holds the machine up with ~5 lbs of air.

GBC Grim Reaper Review Grim_r10
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PostSubject: Re: GBC Grim Reaper Review   GBC Grim Reaper Review EmptyWed Aug 18, 2010 10:24 am

Thanks for the input! I hate to hear you are having troubles.. I have the 26 inch Grim Reapers and must say they are awesome.. I have had zero issues and they have been as tough as nails with nearly 900 miles on the set...

I feel they edge out the Big Horns in almost all terrains, atleast in my opinion..

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GBC Grim Reaper Review
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