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 Clean your throttle bodies!

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Clean your throttle bodies! Empty
PostSubject: Clean your throttle bodies!   Clean your throttle bodies! EmptySat Jul 24, 2010 12:53 pm

We have an 06 GMC Envoy and over the last few months it has developed a problem idling when all the accessories are running. After doing a little research I found several GMC products have this issue and it is commonly due to a dirty throttle body.

I got out today and removed the throttle body from the Envoy to find it was a little dirty(with nearly 70,000 miles on the clock), so I used some throttle body cleaner and a few rags to clean it up and after cleaning and re-installing it The Envoy now appears to be running smoothly even with all the accessories running..

After seeing the difference it made on the Envoy I decided to remove the throttle body from my f250 Super Duty(V10 with 97,000 miles on the clock) to see what it looked like and it was nasty.. The f250 has always run smooth even with the dirty throttle body, after cleaning I did notice the ford has a little better off Idle response but thats about it.

After removing, cleaning, and inspecting the two I found out why the Envoy had issues and the F250 did not.. On the Envoy the butterflies do not fully close and this gap is used to allow air to flow through freely which sets the idle speed, so when build up appears it blocks part of this passage causing a lower idle speed which in turn causes charging and idling issues. The F250 on the other hand uses a separate passage to allow air to pass so unless this passage gets blocked it will still idle fine no matter the amount of buildup on the butterflies..

Either way if you own a Ford Chevy or what ever it maybe beneficial to clean it if you have not.

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Clean your throttle bodies! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clean your throttle bodies!   Clean your throttle bodies! EmptyMon Mar 14, 2011 9:54 pm

You can also take off intake tube and spray right in to throttle body. Just start motor and spray into throttle body till the motor almost dies. Usually takes about 3 or 4 sprays. Have done this many times. Also don't buy a new EGR if it throws a code. You can usually take it off and clean it with carb cleaner. May need to use a pipe cleaner also. EGR gets carbon build up in it than it sticks open.
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Clean your throttle bodies! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clean your throttle bodies!   Clean your throttle bodies! EmptyTue Mar 15, 2011 1:12 am

Great info you Guys !!!! Clean your throttle bodies! 169520
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Clean your throttle bodies! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Clean your throttle bodies!   Clean your throttle bodies! Empty

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Clean your throttle bodies!
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