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 Coal Country Festival Guided Ride 9/28/13

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Coal Country Festival Guided Ride 9/28/13 Empty
PostSubject: Coal Country Festival Guided Ride 9/28/13   Coal Country Festival Guided Ride 9/28/13 EmptySun Sep 29, 2013 8:51 pm

I met up with Mudhound on here and we gave a guided ride over Bell & Harlan County's Saturday 9/28/13 for the Holler Crawlers ATV Club Coal Country Festival. There were 3 T4's, a T2, and a RZR 800 50" on the ride. We started on the Wilderness Trails Off-Road Park, rode across a portion of it, and then begin the off-park adventure. We hit up a few scenic overlooks, a sand cave, a mixture of trail challenges. I managed to get high centered in the T4 in a mud hole that didn't look that deep. I hit it 2wd and new I was in trouble about half way through. Diff-lock didn't help, so everyone else went around the mud hole, and I hooked to another T4 and winched myself out. On our way back to the park, I started having a hard time steering. At first, I thought I had lost EPS or maybe it was stuck in 4wd, but quickly realized I had a flat tire. Mudhound & I jumped out to survey the damage only to hear someone near the back of the group start hollering, "it's going to tip over!!!" Gary & I ran to the back to see what had happened, and the couple in the T4 had slipped off into a small washout. Fortunately, there was no place for the T2 to really go, and it didn't tip over, just stuck on it's side. The rest of the group assisted them, while we went back to the front tire on my T4. There was a 1.5" gash in the sidewall so I knew this wasn't going to go to well. We started plugging away. After 10+ plugs, it would hold some air. We headed on out, but it started leaking quickly. We stopped 3-4 more times to stuff more plugs in it, but I finally gave up. We were within 6-7 miles of the park, so Gary went back with another T4 owner and brought my truck & trailer back to were I was with the T4. Even with the destroyed Bighorn 2.0, we still managed to cover 61 miles. Everyone had a great time, and the weather was beautiful. Pics and a short vid of us crossing a ditch are below.


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Coal Country Festival Guided Ride 9/28/13
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