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 Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals

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Unleashed UTV
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Unleashed UTV

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PostSubject: Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals   Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals EmptyThu Jun 17, 2010 4:47 pm

KJ talked me into these he says they are great, and I hear Max Powers has them also. It's a peddle that goes on top of your existing gas peddle that allows you to rest your foot for long rides or for low speed light throttle riding.
They list for $109.95 RFN price is $99.95 available in 2 colors.

Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals RhinoPeddleKit008

Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals RhinoPeddleKit007

The same company makes these hood straps that are longer to make it easier to get to your straps if you have side panels or high doors. I can't remember pricing but i think they are like $19.00

Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals RhinoPeddleKit001

They also have these bones hood straps in 2 different colors I think they are $14.00.

Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals RhinoPeddleKit005

Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals RhinoPeddleKit004
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Unleashed UTV Rhino Pedals
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